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Maker feature: Shaker & Spoon

Maker feature: Shaker & Spoon

Founded in 2015 by Anna and Mike, Shaker & Spoon sends syrups, bitters, mixers, citrus, garnishes, and more to your door every month – enough for twelve cocktails. They work with bartenders from around the world to create recipes exclusively for their subscribers (and you).

What’s your process for choosing the mixologists that Shaker & Spoon partners with?

We have a team dedicated to choosing and working with our featured bartenders. It’s led by Russell Davis and Danny Ronen, both of whom are industry veterans with long histories both behind the bar and behind the scenes. We start by deciding which spirits we’d like to focus on each month, based in part on what we’d like to see, what we’ve heard from our subscribers, and what we think makes the most sense in terms of timing. Once spirit categories are chosen, Russell and Danny reach out to the bartenders and set them to work. Usually, each bartender starts with a few different concepts, which we choose from to curate a cohesive box within our theme. Then those concepts are developed into recipes, followed by testing and possible revisions until we get the final versions, figure out how to scale them, source all of the components, and send them off to all of our subscribers!

What’s the most unexpected thing you’ve learned about mixing cocktails since starting Shaker & Spoon?

It’s difficult to say. It’s almost like every month we get something new that’s interesting and different (which is the idea, anyway!). Just last month we learned how to make a foam garnish using soy lecithin – and then turned around and taught our subscribers. Before that, we learned how to smoke a glass and flame an orange zest. Perhaps the most unexpected thing is how many different techniques there are, all for the sake of creating new flavors and textures to make a drink come together just so.

How have you seen the world of cocktails evolve since you started Shaker & Spoon?

The cocktail world is always evolving and changing. It’s fun seeing the trends year to year, with new spirits rising in popularity, new techniques making the rounds, and new ingredients becoming all the rage. Since launching Shaker & Spoon, we’ve certainly seen many more cocktail subscription boxes popping up – maybe that’s the biggest thing we’ve noticed. 🙂

What’s your favorite cocktail? And why?

Favorite cocktail? You might as well ask us to choose a favorite child! But really, it depends so much on time of year, weather, mood, company, occasion, we could go on. When out at a bar, we like to peruse the menu and just see what’s appealing. We don’t really have go-tos and enjoy trying new things. Not to go into the hard sell here, but that’s actually one of the best parts of Shaker & Spoon – getting to discover new and interesting flavors and ingredients every single month.

Why do you love cocktails?

Because we’re human and who doesn’t?