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Three vacays that foster quality time

Three vacays that foster quality time

Those who vacation together, stay together. No matter what you do or where you go, vacation will draw you and the people you’re with closer. But there are some vacations that are extra good for that.

Take a roadtrip

When you set out on the road, you’ll catch up for the first few hours (How’s work going? Do you like grad school?) and then get to the good stuff (How are things going with your mom? I’m good at my job but have more to offer and I’m just not sure what.). Something about the open road leads to open mindedness – you could go anywhere and do anything with your favorite person and Peanut M&Ms that you picked up at the gas station by your side.

Go international (and don’t bother with the wifi)

No data on your smartphone – just reception in case you need to make an emergency call. Being in a new place with your favorite person without the distractions of everyday life pinging you during lunch or while watching the sunset strengthens your relationship in big ways. Our favorite destinations outside of America are Italy, Patagonia, and Thailand (email us and we’ll share our tried and true itineraries).

Camp in the great outdoors

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You can finally wear those ridiculous boots you got on sale, eat way too many marshmallows, and sip wine from a paper cup. Camping is one of the most budget friendly ways to getaway. And national parks or forests make it extra easy. Extra points if you cook all of your food over a campfire. If equipment is an issue for you or your peeps, you can usually rent equipment from your local outdoor store.